Hamburger with Patty and Peanuts Butter

Have you ever tried a hamburger with peanut butter?

The sweet, gooey peanut butter compliments the savory burger patty perfectly, it is not only super juicy but also full of tasty.


Skill Level


Cook Time

20 mins



Ingredient A

  • Fufann Peanuts Butter: 50g
  • Mayonnaise or White Salad Sauce: 50g
  • Black Pepper Ground: Proper amount
  • Salt: A few

Ingredient B

  • Burger Bun(s): 2
  • Patty: 2 pieces
  • Sliced Tomato: 2
  • Egg(s): 2
  • Milk: 100cc
  • Salt: Proper amount
  • Black Pepper Ground: Proper amount
  • Shredded Cabbage: Proper amount
  • Lettuce: Proper amount


  1. Mix all the ingredients and blend well for peanut butter mayonnaise. The amount of mayonnaise or white salad sauce can be adjusted based on personal preference.
  2. Crosscut the burger buns and bake until slightly crispy. Mix the eggs, milk, proper amount of black pepper ground and salt and stir well. Fry the mixture to make two sets and fold them up in a proper size for the hamburgers. Meanwhile, fry the patty and prepare the vegetables for later use.
  3. Take out the burger buns from the oven and spread peanuts butter mayonnaise of Step 1 on the inner sides of the buns.
  4. Place the vegetables, fried egg, sliced tomato and patty on one bun, and then place another bun on top of the patty.

❤️ ❤️  If you make this recipe, be sure to snap a photo and hashtag it #FuFann. I'd love to see what you cook!

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